Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4A held its first Virtual meeting last night using the WebEx online platform. Despite a few audio issues, the meeting ran smoothly. Chair Gale Black began the meeting by asking for a moment of silence for DC residents who have lost their lives to COVID-19 and offered a thank you to all of the doctors, nurses, firefighters, grocery store workers and other essential workers who have sacrificed to allow our city to continue to function under these difficult circumstances.

Community Concerns

pepco reduce energy useWith many of us working from home and/or homeschooling, we might be wondering what effect that will have on our energy bills over the coming months. Recognizing this concern, PEPCO has teamed up with the DC Department of Energy and the Environment to ask residents to take the Reduce Energy Use DC Pledge.

The Reduce Energy Use Pledge is a campaign to increase awareness about energy saving tips for DC residents. Take charge and save some money while helping to save the planet. PEPCO representative Chris Taylor joined the call to share some money-saving tips and let everyone know that residents who sign up will be eligible to win a $300 credit on your electric bill in a random drawing each month!

Visit to learn more.


The Mayor’s Office – Gabrielle Priest

Ms. Priest shared some of the latest information about how the city is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. You can find all of the latest information about this disease at The number of testing sites in the city has expanded; call the Testing Triage Call Center at 1(855) 363-0333 to find out if you are in an eligible group and to schedule a testing appointment.

District residents seeking to file for unemployment compensation have encountered long wait times due to the high volume of calls. The city is encouraging residents to file online, if possible. The department has been hiring and training additional staff to help manage the volume. Visit to get started.

Councilmember Todd’s Office – Sherryl Newman

Coronavirus Response in Ward 4

Councilmember Todd has been busy monitoring the impact that COVID-19 has had on the Ward 4 community. As you may know, our Ward is home to the highest number of infection cases in the city. As of yesterday, we had 1,009 cases and 36 lives lost. The question that many have pondered is why our Ward has so many cases?

Ms. Newman offered a few theories. Firstly, she specified that the Department of Health has made it clear that there is no specific distinction to be made based on the Ward of residence of a patient. A person may live in Ward 4 but might have been exposed to the virus elsewhere. Ward 4 has the second-highest number of seniors and a large number of people who work in essential jobs. All of these items could be factors in why we have more cases than other wards.

So, what do we do about it? The most important thing is to continue to Social Distance and follow medical advice such as washing our hands consistently and not touching our faces.

You may have heard that the Mayor has convened a rather large committee healthcare experts, political appointees, and community leaders to provide her administration with recommendations for how to safely ReOpen DC. Each committee will submit its first report to the Mayor on May 11th.On the helpful side, most city deadlines have been extended. Things like driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations, and inspections have been automatically extended to the end of June. Income tax filing and payments are now due on July 15th.

Councilmember Todd is providing free meals to Ward 4 seniors in need. Call 202-882-1160 for more information. There will also be a Small Business town hall meeting on Thursday at 6:00 PM.

Budget Blues

DC Chief Financial Officier has officially declared that the city is now in a recession. We went from boom to bust in the snap of a finger. Add to that the increased spending that has been required due to COVID-19 and the fact that Congress shortchanged us by $750 million in relief funds. Yikes!

As a result, the Council and the Mayor will now have to make some really tough decisions about cutting the city’s budget going forward. $750 million will have to be cut from the current FY 2020 budget and approximately $778 million cut from the FY 2021 budget. The Mayor’s proposals will be sent to the Council next week. The time for fun and games is over. There will be a lot of hard choices to make.

Vote Safe DC Webinar

With the June 2nd Primary Election fast approaching, the DC Board of Elections has been making the rounds to share information about the Vote Safe DC campaign. Commissioner Nelson shared a link to a live Webinar delivered by DCBOE representative Rachel Coll, which outlines the six ways voters can exercise their franchise while remaining safe from COVID-19.

You can view the webinar here (link)DC BOE WebinarBecause of the pandemic, the normal polling stations will be closed on election day. Instead, 20 early voting centers will be open. The Board of Elections is STRONGLY encouraging voters to request a mail-in ballot instead of voting in person.

There are six ways to request an absentee ballot. The most popular will likely be downloading the “Vote 4 DC” app from your mobile app store or downloading the request form from their website (link).

The deadline to request an absentee ballot for the June 2nd Primary Election is May 26th. All ballots received by June 9th will be counted. Voters can bring their completed ballot to a voting center to drop it off or send it by pre-paid mail.

About Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4A

Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 4A represents the Ward 4 neighborhoods of Colonial Village, Shepherd Park, Brightwood, 16th Street Heights, and Crestwood. An ANC is a non-partisan, neighborhood body made up of locally elected representatives called Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners. The Commissioners are elected to two-year terms and serve without pay.

The ANCs’ main job is to be their neighborhood’s official voice in advising the District government. Although they do not have to follow the ANCs’ advice, District agencies are required to give the ANCs’ recommendations “great weight.”These are the members of ANC 4A:

Single Member DistrictCommissionerNeighborhoodEmail
4A01Phyllis Caudle GreenColonial
4A02Stacey LincolnShepherd
4A03Stephen A. WhatleyShepherd Park/Walter Reed/
4A06Candace Tiana NelsonBrightwood/16th Street
4A07Marlene MossBrightwood/16th Street
4A08Gale B. BlackCrestwood4A08@anc

Find your ANC here.

Mayor’s Office of Community Relations and Services Ward 4 Liaisons

Gabrielle Priest – | (202) 603-7182KeShawn Harris – | (202) 724-7672

Councilmember Brandon Todd Office | (202)724-8052